PV Pass is an adaptable quality assurance and risk evaluation program for Solar PV retailers, installers and importers serving the domestic and commercial markets.

Our independent laboratory reports ensure and promote the quality of your products. Members can take advantage of systematic inspection of newly acquired modules for power performance and damage, and benchmarking of panel quality relative to the market.

PV Pass is up and running*

*We are inviting a select group of installers and retailers to participate in an early release of PV Pass. If you are interested, and we haven’t contacted you, please provide your details below. We will be in touch.

PV lab is Australia’s only independent commercial solar panel testing laboratory.

We work with the quality discerning members of the Australian solar community including domestic and commercial installers, utility scale developers, EPCs, the Clean Energy Council and the Clean Energy Regulator.

Every installer says they are selling the best quality panels.

Don’t just say it. Know it, and let your customers know it. PV pass gives you independent, technically rigorous test data to support your panel offerings.

Don’t put your reputation at risk.

When solar panels fail, small businesses and installers end up taking all the risk when manufacturer’s warranty terms make claims hard. Minimize the potential for warranty claims and costly call backs. Don’t solve problems caused by poor quality product, avoid them altogether

Differentiate your business to win more customers.

We support your sales process with test reports of the solar panels you use, distilled and presented for easy communication with your clients. As a PV Pass member, you can prove you are providing in country testing of their panels. You will also be promoted on our website and can use PV Pass branding on your marketing materials

We test a random sample of panels from the most common manufacturers who import to Australia.

We use a triple-A rated sun simulator to take high precision measurements of true panel performance. We use electroluminescence imaging to find micro-cracks, wet leakage tests for determining panel safety and accelerated degradation tests to assess to longer term risk .

We help you buy better solar panels

Having the backing of a quality assurance program from an independent Laboratory gets purchasers better panels & gives you avenues for recourse for underperforming panels. Better solar panels means happpier customers, higher output for your installations & confidence in your output guarantees

Gain access to PV Lab’s quality assurance program by joining PVPass

Periodic 3rd party quality assurance sampling to give you and your customer’s piece of mind & keep suppliers honest with rolling quality checks.

Outsource quality assurance to PV Lab so you can focus on growing your business & serving your customers

We’re committed to improving how energy is produced in Australia.

Laboratory results you can trust help you make the decisions you need today, reducing the risks tomorrow.