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Laboratory testing

We offer a number of different tests and measurements. These are suitable for both quality control of solar parks and goods receipt inspection for wholesalers.

Power performance under Standard Test Conditions (STC)

This is one of our most important laboratory services. Solar modules are priced according to their performance under standard test conditions. It is therefore very important to confirm if the indicated performance has really been delivered. The PV LAB sun simulators exceed the limits of the highest (AAA) of IEC standards.

Electroluminescence imaging—x-ray of the solar module

Electroluminescence imaging has been widely discussed in the trade press in recent years. The images are like an x-ray of the solar module and can make many material and processing defects as well as shipment damages visible. PV Lab recommends electroluminescence imaging as a standard procedure for quality assurance.

Insulation measurement – Wet and Dry leakage current tests

The insulation of solar modules is not only decisive for the operation, but it is relevant for safety. For thin-film modules, wet leakage current measurements are performed during the goods receipt inspection.

Potential Induced Degradation (PID)

Potential induced degradation, or the voltage-dependent ageing of photovoltaic modules, is a type of power degradation that generally appears on the negative side of the module string and can affect almost any type of photovoltaic module. PID can have catastrophic consequences for module output power.

The PID test includes a before and after assessment of module performance. The PID test will be done using the damp/heat method. PID testing is considered a destructive test.

EVA cross linking test—determines the longevity of the module

Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) is the embedding material for the solar cells and it holds the PV module together. Since this plastic material needs to last for more than 20 years and should survive adverse weather conditions, it is vitally important. Most EVA producers recommend cross-linking levels of at least 65% – 80%. Cross-linking levels that are too low can indicate process or material defects that may shorten the life of PV modules.

Visual inspection

Visual inspection is defined in IEC 61215-2 by MQT 01. The purpose is to detect any visual defects in the module that may cause a risk of reliability loss.

Thermographic inspection

A thermographic image allows the detection of hot spots and shunts that can indicate areas of concentrated current flow and higher resistance in the module.

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Quality Assurance

In addition to lab services which include tests and measurements according to IEC standards as well as numerous suitable measurements to determine the yield and allow for quality control, PV LAB offers extensive consultancy services. Investors, banks, and project planners receive individual consultation and advice on measures for adequate quality assurance. Even wholesalers can benefit from our consultancy, for example for goods receipt or shipment inspections.

When devising such quality assurance measures, PV LAB focuses on the individual needs of the customer for risk reduction and planning of quality assurance. Each solar project has different requirements for quality and risk management. Therefore, PV LAB’s experts not only advise from afar, but can also advise on location – all over the world and “hands-on”.

We recommend the following consultancy services for sustainable quality assurance:

Production monitoring—recorded quality ex-factory

You want to know early on if a producer adheres to the stated performance and quality assurances. We control your modules during their production. Together with producers, and their production, we critically test if the modules that you ordered comply with the contractual specifications. We take sample measurements at the factory and record all relevant results for you– in time and independently.

Shipment inspections—exclude any shipment damage

You will receive your modules from the producer after a long trip typically by ship and truck. Transport damage can never be completely ruled out, but it can be discovered during a shipment inspection. Even damage that cannot be seen with the eye can be detected. We test samples and make sure that the delivered modules meet the promised performance and quality standards.

Goods receipt inspections—visual inspection for safety

If you are a wholesaler, you will receive large amounts of solar modules. Usually, you must trust the producer’s statements and trust your visual inspection to make sure that the quality of each shipment is consistent. Scrutiny through sample tests at the time goods are received will help you to immediately detect any defects or damage. This will protect you from possible customer claims and you can insist on improvements or replacements from the producer. And, your customer will benefit as well – they receive consistent quality and can avoid any claims from their customers.

Material analyses—quality is in the detail

Visual inspection of the module does not suffice to assure quality. Investors, project developers and wholesalers often are interested in checking every detail of a solar module. Material analyses using production samples or samples prepared directly from modules allows for detailed quality tests.

Sampling and laboratory tests—only what you need

Not every module must be tested. We help you to select the right sample number and we only test as many modules as necessary. This guarantees reliable quality assurance while keeping costs down. In our lab and using mobile measuring instruments, we can reliably and quickly test the quality of the samples. This gives you an optimal return on investment and increases quality assurance.

Construction and technical inspection supervision

We help builders during the construction phase of a solar power plant and represent their interests. This service is concluded with the technical inspection.

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On offer are all-inclusive service packages. In addition to workshops on quality assurance and risk reduction, we offer a service package including comprehensive reliability tests and building inspection as well as specific tests and factory audits. If you are in a hurry, we can offer you an express package. Even with short notice, we can perform tests quickly and efficiently.

PV Pass

This is an adaptable quality assurance and risk evaluation program for small installers and importers. Our independent laboratory reports can help you ensure and promote the quality of your products. You will get systematic inspection of newly aquired modules for power performance and damage, and benchmarking of your panel quality relative to the market.

Lot Acceptance Testing

We create sample reports according to IEC 60410 and use these reports to take samples and perform tests on your deliveries.

Factory Audits

The goal of a factory audit is to evaluate the suitability, reliability and quality potential of a producer. Our audit visits on site allow us to look behind the scenes and to check the producer’s quality management, production and testing methods. This allows us to assure that the producer meets the customers’ demands.

Construction and Operation

We help the builder during the construction phase of a solar power plant and represent his interests. This service includes technical inspection. After the solar power plant starts operation, we monitor performance for the owner. This allows us to quickly recognise, report and mitigate any deviations from the nominal output.

Express Packages

Sometimes, you need it ASAP. With large projects, unexpected test needs may arise. Usually, there is no time to waste, and a defective operation can mean lost money. Claims for replacement must be made quickly. If you need quick service, just purchase our express service. We can take measurements within seven business days, even on short notice.

Beginner’s Workshops

There are numerous topics and questions. During a beginner’s workshop, we advise you, answer your questions and respond to your problems. We give you a first insight and make you aware of the importance of quality assurance. The duration and scope of all workshops depend on your needs.

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We are able to assist banks, investors, and project developers for the full journey of a project. Risks can be minimized early on, for example when selecting a suitable supplier and in drawing up your supply contract. If you desire, we can assist you during initial negotiations with potential suppliers and can help you to find the right producer. Our services don’t end with the realization of the project, but can be extended until the expiration of the warranty period. Our technical feasibility tests investigate the total life of solar modules and inverters. We closely collaborate with a network of experts for any questions outside of our core competencies. And, if necessary, we consult special labs. Thus, we are able to cover complete damage analysis.

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